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Mount Olympus Farm is a family owned farm located between Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA. You can pick-your-own (PYO) strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. We also take pride in offering a large variety of high quality fresh vegetables including many heirloom varieties. Our garden center has many perennials, herbs, shrubs, etc. Can't make it to our farm? Look for the Mt. Olympus truck bringing fresh produce to several Northern Virginia producer-only farmer's markets.

Waterlilies on the pond                                                                Sunrise over the farm                                                          Sunset

waterlilies_g5it0.jpg?1603103758392           IMG_1133_g5it1.jpg?1603103869108           IMG_0550_g5it2.jpg?1603104070155

Laying plastic                                                                                        Early morning field work                                                                      Help from Mother Nature

P4100004_g5it3.jpg?1603104426432        IMG_0495_g5it4.jpg?1603104466403       IMG_0173_g5it5.jpg?1603104496170

The Sentinel                                                                                         Planting peppers                                                                       Wounded Warrior Fishing Day

IMG_0348_g5it6.jpg?1603104712841     P4240016_g5it7.jpg?1603104746452      IMG_0516_g5it8.jpg?1603104776645

Toe-May-Toes                                                                                          Fresh onions                                                                      Eggplants

IMG_0634_g5it9.jpg?1603105001830     IMG_0665_g5it10.jpg?1603105029833     IMG_0691_g5it11.jpg?1603105055103

Ouch! Lots of heat                                                                                        Ghosts-the hot kind                                                                      Conservation Farm of Year 2008

IMG_0724_g5it12.jpg?1603105244745     IMG_0808_g5it13.jpg?1603105267513     IMG_1380_g5it14.jpg?1603105292817